Cercasi ricercatori presso l'Università di Newcastle, dipartimento di Medicina Genetica. E' essenziale l'esperienza, conoscenza dell'inglese e laurea anche triennale. Scade il 26 luglioL'Università di Newcastle, in Inghilterra, cerca ricercatori nella facoltà di Medicina, dipartimento di Medicina Genetica

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Il ruolo ha una durata di due anni, è full time e la retribuzione va dalle 25 alle 26mila sterline all'anno.
Per candidarsi occorre possedere una laurea triennale in materie scientifiche, esperienza e ovviamente la conoscenza dell'inglese. Il master in scienze biologiche o simili costituisce un vaore aggiuntivo.
Per candidarsi compilare l'application form sul SITO UFFICIALE entro il 26 Luglio 2012.
Per consultare tutti gli altri posti disponibili all'interno dell'università come ricercatori consultare il sito dell'Università di Newcastle, sezione vacancies.

Institute of Genetic Medicine Research Assistant Vacancy

Main Duties and Responsibilities
To join a team studying fundamental signalling pathways in skin cancer, using inherited human skin tumours as a model. The postholder will carry out state of the art molecular biology and tissue culture techniques. They will also undertake standard molecular biology and histopathology techniques.
1. Contribute to and actively participate in the collaborative research projects outlined above. The main techniques necessary for areas of research as currently envisaged are:
a. Performing tissue culture of primary and established cell lines
b. Performing histopathology and molecular biology techniques such as slide preparation and staining, immunofluorescent staining, RNA extraction, PCR and western blotting.
c. Performing chromatin immunoprecipation
d. Maintaining records
2. Regular liaison with Dr. Neil Rajan to organise workload and the provision of support for the satisfactory operation of research activities, facilities and equipment
3. Provide assistance to, and training of technical staff and students on specific experimental techniques and in the use of specialised laboratory equipment.
4. In conjunction with the Project Lead, Principal Investigators and senior members of the research group, contribute to the planning of equipment and material needs. Maintain laboratory stocks of chemicals, media and other consumable requirements. Determine requirements and initiate orders, within specified laboratory ordering procedures.
5. Consult with academic staff regarding developing new or improved methods for experimental systems and present experiment results to the head of the laboratory. To keep excellent laboratory records of all experimental procedures and outcomes, enabling interpretation with team members
6. The performance of risk assessments and maintaining safety laboratory records (e.g. COSHH, BIOCOSHH, and other regulations) in consultation with academic staff or, where appropriate, senior technical staff.
7. To be responsible to a designated academic for the care and cleanliness of a specified common user area. To ensure good working standards and maintain quality control.

- Working with the dermatogenetics team to deliver the research program outlined above. The postholder will perform tissue sectioning, tissue culture, microdissection of tissue, molecular biology and histopathology to support the research activities of the research team.
- Perform research under the guidance of the Project Lead (Dr. Neil Rajan) such as protein analyses (chromatin immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry and western blotting), molecular biology, histopathology and studies on gene expression.
- Responsible for the development of novel techniques and protocols as required to extend the analyses as directed by the project leads.
- Working with other Newcastle staff, extend areas of activity to complement existing basic research in cardiovascular disease.
- Internally responsible for many aspects of laboratory management including safety and data handling.
- Supervision and training of staff and students in general laboratory practice and in the specialized techniques applied to this project.

Role Profiles Person
Specification Knowledge (inc. qualifications)
-  Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a science subject – preferably molecular biology, biochemistry or genetics

-  Masters degree in biological science
- Publication record in molecular biology research

Skills (professional, technical, managerial, practical)
- High level laboratory skills
- Good teamwork
- Excellent organisation and planning
- Attention to detail and reproducibility
- Quick to learn new techniques
- Good computer skills
- Able to communicate effectively at all levels

Experience and Achievements (paid or unpaid)
-  Experience working with immunoblotting
- Experience of tissue culture
- Experience of molecular biology techniques

Other Essential
-  Willingness to work outside normal hours when necessary

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